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CONCRETE SERVICES FOR LARGE STRUCTURES Concrete Lifting Solutions provides foundation piering, slabjacking / grout injection, and engineering for larger commercial projects.
FOUNDATION PIERING Foundation piering services are available for heavier loads found in commercial construction, where both live and dead load weight are accounted for, attributable to the structure being supported. Below are key factors we consider when piering commercial projects.

Thicker walled steel pipe - Compared to piering a smaller residential foundation, helical piles or push pier pipe thicknesses in commercial applications are adjusted according to the engineer's plans and specifications.

Plate and pier spacing - Spacing of the plate and pier is taken into account. Where calculations of load requirements for single story wood frame residential construction may yield a pier design placement spacing of 8' or more on center, heavier loads of commercial construction may require both heavier duty plates & pipes and significantly closer spacing of the pier locations, sometimes a frequency of 24" on center.

Supporting anchor bolts - The number of anchor bolts attaching the pier plate to the concrete foundation in commercial projects is adjusted accordingly. Where lighter construction may only require eight bolts per sleeve, commercial loads may require as many as twenty bolts to transfer the load from the foundation to the pier and to resist shear forces which would snap the bolts.
GROUT INJECTION The best solution for concrete slab settlement is grout injection. Settlement can occur for a number of reasons but in the northwest erosion is the main culprit. Poor compaction at initial construction is second most common cause. No matter the cause, voids occur and without a firm base concrete, a brittle substance, will crack and eventually settle causing uneven surfaces. Whether a warehouse floor, truck ramp, concrete stairways or crane rails, an uneven surface is a detriment to your business.

Grout injection, a process developed in the 1930's and also know as mudjacking or slabjacking, will fill the voids reestablishing a firm base under the concrete slab and then lift the settled concrete to it's original location. Benefits to your business are cost effectiveness verses replacement and little to no down time. Areas are often back in use the next day.
ENGINEERING Available to our clients are a range of engineering services. CLS works with a cadre of local structural and geotechnical engineers. These selected engineers have worked with our products and management team on hundreds of jobs. As with any specialized construction discipline, for an engineer unfamiliar with piering there can be a product and/or installation procedure learning curve that requires time and costs. With our team, the client benefits in lower cost and less down time for plan and specification preparation.

Also available for any project that may have unusual conditions or requirements is Magnum Engineering. Magnum Piering, supplier of piering products to CLS, provides consulting engineer to national and international clients and are on call to clients of CLS for any type of geotechnical problems or product specification information.