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PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT Modifying homes to be more resistant to ground motion and soil failure due to earthquakes is a service we specialize in.
WHAT IS SEISMIC RETROFITTING? Seismic retrofitting is a method of mechanically attaching your house to its foundation. In the event of an earthquake, ground forces attempt to tear your house apart where framing can lift and slide off the foundation itself. Even a single slide of one foot may require the demolition and rebuilding of the structure's framing and finishes, nearly the entire home, an expensive and time consuming process.
  • Those who live in earthquake prone areas
  • Those with homes built before 1985
  • Those with homes on raised concrete foundations
  • Those with homes designed without adequate reinforcement for seismic protection
WE CAN HELP. Contact us today or request a free on-site evaluation of your foundation's ability to withstand seismic events.